The online casino business developed in 1994, with the technological development of gaming software and the internet. But online casino gambling is not a very simple game! Navigating through those murky waters can be dangerous. There are rogue casinos out there whose sole existence is to take your money! On this website, we have recommendations for what the best casinos, like Spin Palace, are, in our opinions. But first we are going to explain what a rogue casino is so you know how to spot the bad ones!

So what is a rogue casino?

A "rogue casino" is an online casino with serious allegations and gross malpractices filed against it. In general, a casino must be complained about a lot before it is officially named "rogue". That is why these casinos are definitely BAD as opposed to just not recommended. You can find lists of rogue casinos online.

What makes a casino Rogue?

There are several things that would deem a casino rogue. Here are a few of the more common reasons:

  1. Failure to Pay: If you are playing at an online casino and they do not pay your award winnings or withdrawals, they have committed a crime. This is a form of theft and you can press charges.
  2. Unfair Gaming: Some rogue casinos use software which lets the owners adjust odds so that the house has a higher edge. This is also considered a crime. If, for example, the house edge is adjusted in blackjack – even by a few percent- the average house winnings could jump from 18/100 to 45/100!
  3. Delayed Payment: A delayed payment is when the casino does not pay your withdrawal payments in a timely manner. Sometimes they delay it for long periods of time and it is done so that players will continue to play and then lose the money they were supposed to withdraw. There have been stories of rogue casinos that adjusted the odds against a player after the player requested to withdraw their winnings.
  4. Hidden Rules and Guidelines: If a casino has been shown to retroactively apply unfair terms to withdrawals and winning bets, it is considered a rogue casino. Regulated and trustworthy online casinos are open and transparent about their withdrawal rules, as well as reliable.

How do you figure out which casinos are rogue?

Lists exist online, but they are not always trustworthy. Sometimes, single players will complain about a reputable casino just because they are angry and raise false allegations. The best way to figure out which casinos are safe or not is to do some research. Check out a couple of casino black lists and rogue databases. Look at complaints – if you see a pattern, know that the casino might be rogue. Also, look for casinos that are voted as excellent quality and just stick to those!

On this website, we have listed our three favorite, safe, licensed, and regulated online casinos that you can go and try without worry! US players however should have a look at this review website

  1. JackpotCity Casino
  2. Royal Vegas Casino
  3. Golden Riviera Casino

Read up on them – their safety, their software, their game selection (crucial to your enjoyment) and be sure to read the small print before signing up to play at any casino!